horses grazing

Many horses become homeless due to behavior problems or performance decline, both of which can results from pain and discomfort associated with lameness. Horses’ welfare concerns do not end with provision of shelter and basic care. It includes addressing repetitive stress injuries that result from unhealthy locomotion. "Thousands of horses across the country are at risk of homelessness and poor welfare as they move from one career to the next" according to the ASPCA.

Finding suitable homes is crucial to the welfare of horses and the organization who do this are often overwhelmed physically, emotionally and financially. Equine Soundness Foundation is working to address a root cause of the equine welfare crisis by funding research in lameness prevention and rehabilitation, and by bringing the practical application to the field. Our aim is for horses to live long, healthy, athletic, and SOUND lives by facilitating the creation of a new scientific foundation around soundness and by delivering accessible education and training where it is needed.